My wife left me and my son for her boss. Years later she calls me back

It was an ordinary evening when I received a call that would stir the past and change the course of my future. My son Jonathan was playing in the living room, his laughter filling our home with joy. When my phone rang, I saw it was Lorraine, my ex-wife, who had left us three years ago.

“Mark, please. He’s my son too. I deserve to see him,” she pleaded, her voice trembling with tears. Lorraine’s departure had been a devastating blow. As an Army private, I had spent a lot of time away, trusting her to care for Jonathan, but she chose to leave us for her boss.

For three years, I built a life for Jonathan and me. Then, a few days ago, a mutual friend, Jenny, told me that Lorraine’s boss had left her and fired her. Two days later, Lorraine called again, crying and begging to see Jonathan. “Where were you all this time?” I demanded.




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